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Vilnius Regional Administrative Court is one of 2 regional administrative courts in Lithuania investigating administrative cases where at least one of the parties is the state, a municipality or an institution, establishment, service, official of the state or a municipality. It also deals with the cases regarding violations of administrative law where the resolutions are adopted by the officials of the state authorised institutions. Administrative courts in Lithuania were established in 1999.
From now on all the necessary information about Vilnius Regional Administrative Court will be found easily, simply and quickly on the website
We expect that this website will help to find the required information not only for professional lawyers but also for ordinary citizens that are defending or intend to defend their interests in this court.
Here you may find not only the necessary information about the organisation, competence, functions, history, operating territory and statistics of the court, working judges and contact telephone numbers of all employees of the court but also useful pieces of advice on how, when you should apply to the court, in what form a complaint should be presented, what are the procedures of familiarising with the case matter, etc.
In the website section "Topicalities" we will continually inform on administrative cases under investigation that receive attention of the society and we will present decisions adopted on such cases. This section will also be a place for topical articles on law and order that appear in the mass media, for the information on changes in the system of courts, for legal acts under consideration. You may also subscribe for the news that you are interested in.
A schedule of legal hearings of the court will be updated every day - in the search system you just need to enter some data and you will find out when, where and what kind of action will be heard, which judge or juridical board will be hearing the action. Search criteria will be limited to such extent as to protect personal information, secrets of private life and other information that is not to be made public.
If you want to ask questions about working procedures of the court, we suggest opening the section "Questions-Answers" and you will be provided with explicit and competent answers to the questions about court procedures that you are concerned with.
There are quite a few references on the website to other courts of Lithuania, state establishments, pre-trial institutions and legal acts regulating court procedures.
The disabled may also have the use of the website - there is a special version fitted for them. Information on the title page will be accessible for foreigners - it will be as well published in English.
You may send your comments about the website of Vilnius Regional Administrative Court and suggestions on new means of informing courts and society by e-mail address:

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